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Some Skeptical Perspectives on Colon Cleansing

There are some doctors and scientists who say there is no buildup in the intestines and colon cleansing is a complete hoax. We’re aware of this – and we want you to be aware as well, so that you can make the most fully informed decisions regarding your health.

The following is a quote from Quackwatch.com saying that "mucoid plaque" doesn't exist:

"I have seen several thousand intestinal biopsies and have never seen any "mucoid plaque." This is a complete fabrication with no anatomic basis. The small and large intestines normally secrete mucus for lubrication, but it does not form into any type of 'plaque'." (find site here: www.quackwatch.org)

Dr. Richard Anderson's response to such statements in his book Cleanse and Purify Thyself: Book Two, (Mt. Shasta, CA: Christobe Publishing, 1998), page 88-89:

"Surgeons and regular doctors are not trained in the subject of mucoid plaque and therefore remain unaware of this important bowel condition. The mucoid plaque is usually less than one-fourth of an inch in many areas of the bowel (except in heavy meat and dairy eaters). It usually develops from a semi-transparent liquid solution (mucin) and may look like it is part of the intestinal wall itself as it takes on the exact shapes, striations, and bulges of the intestinal wall. Until the mucoid plaque begins to mix with fecal matter, its color and texture may appear similar to healthy bowel mucosa. Unless one knows what they are looking for, it may be difficult to identify, especially by sight. Therefore, to doctors using endoscopy and to surgeons, it is unnoticeable unless they are familiar with the many different appearances mucoid plaque may have."

What We've Learned...

Despite years of “observational data” from hundreds of thousands of individuals who have derived a wide range of health benefits, colon cleansing is still not widely accepted by the medical profession. As we’ve stated earlier, this is mainly due to a lack of empirical, “scientific data” and to a more general lack of understanding about how holistic health methods work.

We also want you to know that the benefits of colon cleansing will be different for everyone and even if we did quote from a so-called “successful” study on cleansing, that’s no guarantee we can prove it will be relevant to your personal health. So just as we emphasize the importance of you taking responsibility for your health – we don’t shy away from our responsibilities to report all sides of the story – and we strive to continually provide you with the best available instructions, information and ingredients to serve your holistic health needs.

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