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What About Salt?

Salt plays an important role within the body. We all need salt. Salt helps balance the amount of water within every cell of our bodies. Too much or too little salt can lead to imbalance. It is best to limit the amount of refined table salt in our diets, as well as processed foods that contain high amounts of this type of salt. We all know the dangers of this. It is important to note that too little salt can be equally as dangerous.

You’ll need to find the amount of salt that is best for you in your daily diet. Athletes and those who exercise regularly will need to ingest more salt than those who are not active, as they loose more salt while sweating. It is best to use sources of salt, such as Celtic Sea Salt, that are processed without additives or chemicals, so that they remain an excellent source of trace minerals. You can find this at your local natural food store or at The Grain and Salt Society (800) 687-7258. Another wonderful natural source of sodium is seaweed. Some varieties require cooking, while others can be eaten raw or powdered and added to food or drink.

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