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What is a Deep Cleansing Reaction?

A deep cleansing reaction is more than just a superficial cleansing reaction. Most all of us have absorbed toxins from our polluted environments, but not all of us have suffered with trauma or health problems.

A superficial cleansing reaction shows itself in generalized body signs while releasing toxins. A deep cleansing reaction shows itself in the reappearance of old signs associated within specific areas that have undergone injury or health problems. You may also experience the superficial cleansing reaction signs while undergoing this work.

The body’s wisdom is such that as you clean out and regain energy, the body directs that energy to heal these old injuries or health problems. The body only does this when it knows it can handle it. Once again, the signs may be mild to severe, but only as much as your body can sustain at that time. It can last for a few hours, to a few days, and more rarely, for a few weeks.

The deep cleansing reaction mimics the signs of your particular past experiences, but in a much-shortened version. It is always preceded the day before by feeling “on top of the world” rather than by feeling “out of sorts”. The deep cleansing reaction passes quickly. You will come out of the deep cleansing reaction feeling better than ever, having successfully rejuvenated the weakened areas of your body.*

What is a superficial cleansing reaction?

Whenever the body releases toxins or balances the unwanted guests population faster than it can eliminate them, and/or the liver is functioning weakly, you may experience some discomfort until you regain your balance. This usually lasts anywhere from an hour to one or two days. The common signs that signal a superficial cleansing reaction might be any of the following: headache, itching, rashes, aching muscles and/or joints, fever, sweating, body odor, bad breath, mouth sores, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, tiredness or exhaustion. Don’t worry. The superficial cleansing reaction usually passes quickly and does not harm your body. It is only a sign that soon you will be feeling better than ever.*

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