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What is a liquids-only diet?

A liquids-only diet is not taking any solid foods or solid foods that have been liquefied, pureed, or blended. The liquids should be clear of any solid particles. This will allow the Toxin Absorber that is mixed with apple juice to bind easily to the surface of your intestines without the interference of any solid food covering the intestinal surface.

The recommended liquids are: pure water, strained herbal tea, strained organic apple juice and strained organic, vegetable broth (recipe is in our downloadable Users Guide). It is best to make your own fresh apple juice from organic, raw apples using a juicer. Juice in bottles or packages have undergone high heat which destroys helpful enzymes, life force and reduces the level of vitamins. Still bottled, organic, 100% fruit juice is all right to use, if that is all that is available to you. Since it is not possible to juice your apples ahead of time to take with you to work or on the go, because the juice oxidizes and turns brown within minutes; a possible solution is take fresh juice, whenever you are home and bottled/packaged juice whenever you leave home and are out and about.

If bottled/packaged juice is all that is available to you, it is better to cleanse with that than to not cleanse at all. Just be sure to avoid concentrated powders or bottled juice that only has a partial fruit juice content, contains sugar and/or other additives and is not organically grown.

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