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Why Apple Juice and not Citrus?

In a liquids–only fast, fruit juice is used rather than any other liquid because of its overall cleansing effect, ease of digestion, bioavailable nutrients and its caloric contribution of energy. Just because all fruits and their juices are known for their ability to cleanse the body, does not mean every kind of fruit is good for every type of cleansing. Every fruit has a particular affinity and support for different parts of the body. Apple juice is recommended during a colon cleanse because of its primary ability to stimulate the bowel movement, break down toxins in the intestines and support the liver during cleansing. Its secondary effects support the other major organs of detoxification; blood, lymph and kidney.

Apple juice is the only juice to completely harmonize detoxification and support colon cleansing in this way. The next best juice choice would be pear juice; it works well on the digestive system, but does not have the added benefits of apple juice. After pear, grape juice would be next as it supports not only the bowels, but also the lymph and blood, but does not have as much digestive support as pear and apple. Citrus should be completely avoided as it tends to stir up more toxins than the soon-to-be-cleansed, eliminative channels can process all at once and thus may cause you more discomfort than is necessary. Some of the juices listed below are to be avoided because of their ability to slow down the movement of the bowels and the remaining juices listed, if used at all, might be added in only as an additional flavor, rather than the main body of the juice drink.

note: Some of the juices tend to have a thicker consistency than others; especially, those that are bottled and labeled as “nectar”. You should dilute them 50/50 with pure water and then strain before drinking. If you use a juicer and juice raw fruits, be sure to strain or filter before drinking.

Common fruit juices and their particular body affinities:

Red Raspberry

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