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Diet Changes During a Cleanse

If you elect to make healthy changes to your diet, it will release more energy for cleansing and intensify the strength of your cleanse. If you choose not to make any changes, and that is OK, you will still experience benefits. It will just take a little longer to get completely cleaned out, but you will be proceeding at a pace comfortable for you. You may note that a diet of raw, organic fruit juices has the strongest cleansing effect on the body. You would be advised, however, to not jump to the top level of “juices only” unless you are already a raw foodist. However, it would be beneficial to add freshly made, organic fruit and vegetable juices to your present diet. The important point to keep in mind is that while diet changes do affect your cleansing, there is no need to move up more than one step at a time on the chart. It is best to proceed gradually and observe how your body reacts. That way you can stay in control and comfortable. If you ever find that the rate of cleansing is too much for you, have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and/or drop back a step in your diet and notice how it calms the process.

Vegetable Soup Broth - Use organically grown vegetables:
1 potato, scrubbed not peeled
3 carrots, scrubbed not peeled
3 stalks of celery
1 onion, peeled

Chop all ingredients into small chunks, add to 2 quarts of boiling water and simmer covered for 40 minutes. Optional: add 3 tablespoons of Miso and stir in. Strain and drink broth only, if on liquids only fasting.

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