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About Blessed Herbs and ColonSource.com

Blessed Herbs is a family owned and operated herb company in the rural Upland Region of Massachusetts. Since 1985, we have been providing over 600 premium quality bulk herbs and herbal products to herbalists, health professionals, herbal manufacturers, retailers and individuals in the United States and abroad.

Our herbs primarily come from our own network of wildcrafters and organic growers whom we personally know. Our wildcrafters gather the herbs from the wilds of nature in areas free from pollution, at the height of their potency and with an awareness as to correct species and ecological balance. Our certified organic growers cultivate without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and take care to enrich the soil naturally.

In 2001 we introduced a full line of herbal cleansing and health maintenance products. Today, our Internal Cleansing Kit™ and the Colon Cleansing Kit™ are routinely used by hundreds of health practitioners and tens of thousands of individuals all over the world.

The success of our products is directly attributable to our master herbalist, Martha Volchok, AHG. Martha is a gifted and meticulous herbalist – someone who truly embodies the holistic approach. She’s also a very brave person who has had to contend with a lifetime of disabilities and illnesses. Yet despite these challenges, Martha has never approached her work from the point of view of “fixing what’s broken” – but always from the perspective of “what is healthy?”

And that’s truly what we’re all about. Our number one goal as an herb company is quite simply - to help you restore and maintain your personal health.

Today, Blessed Herbs is still a family-operated business—and I’m happy to report that our “family” has grown to over 40 individuals who are here to meet your needs and those of our many customers.