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What is Colon Cleansing?

What Colon Cleansing Does

1) Assures Regular & Comfortable Bowel Movements

An herbal cleansing formula not only helps the bowels move regularly (2–3 times/day), but also includes carminative herbs that reduce or eliminate cramps, gas and griping that could be caused if stimulating herbs are taken by themselves.

2) Removes Accumulated Waste from Your Small & Large (Colon) Intestines

In the following section we’ll explain how cleansing combined with a liquids-only fast enables an herbal blend to literally bind and pull out old waste that is stuck to your intestinal walls. A colon cleansing may alternatively be done without fasting, providing a milder cleanse for increased regularity and gentler cleansing.

3) Rejuvenates the Digestive System*

An herbal colon cleanse is designed to restore and encourage the natural functions of your entire digestive system, including the stomach, both the small and large (colon) intestines, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

4) Prepares You for a Whole Body Cleanse

A colon cleanse can be done (2-4 times/year) as a stand-alone cleansing therapy – or as the first step of a whole body cleanse. It is highly recommended to fully cleanse the colon prior to beginning a cleanse of internal organs. A well-functioning colon enables the herbal formulas to work directly with the other five pathways of cleansing (liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph), without having to deal with a “backed-up” body sewer – the 6th pathway. And by removing old, accumulated wastes from the intestines, this allows internal organs and parasites to be fully detoxified.

How Does a Colon Cleanse Make You Feel?

Each person feels differently as they cleanse. Some feel very energetic and more alive while cleansing; others not until after they have completed their cleanse. It is also possible to alternate between feeling great and not so great.

There may be occasional discomforts called cleansing reactions, which are a sign that your body is releasing toxins. If the body is ready, some may even experience a deep cleansing reaction. This can happen during the cleanse, but more likely will occur sometime later when you have built up your strength. All these experiences are the body’s wisdom at work focusing on the areas that need to reach optimal health. Any discomforts of cleansing are only temporary, and always lead to more energy, vitality, and renewed health.

Physical Benefits of Colon Cleansing May Include:
Mental and Emotional Benefits of Colon Cleansing May Include:

Fasting is the most natural form of cleansing

Cleansing has been documented historically for thousands of years. The most natural form of cleansing is fasting. This can been seen today among indigenous tribes and animals. Fasting is the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. By fasting the body gets a break from the energy requirements of digestion. At first this may seem counterintuitive, however digestion requires considerable energy including chewing, producing and secreting digestive juices, moving food through the intestinal tract, and breaking down food molecules into ones usable by the body’s cells. In addition to this, according to traditional Aravadic medicine, it takes seven to fourteen days before food becomes useable to the body. So by fasting the body can redirect all of the energy usually used for digestion towards self-cleansing.

In addition when one is fasting the body looks towards fat as the number one source of stored energy. As the body breaks down this fat for energy, toxins that have also been stored in the fat are released and the body has a second chance to eliminate them. Without the addition of new food material to process the liver and other organs can spend all of their energy processing and eliminating old waste and stored toxins. Prior to the 20th century, periodic fasting was an adequate method of cleansing. Today fasting alone is not powerful enough to eliminate all of the toxins you are now exposed to on a regular basis.

For this reason we turn toward herbs. Herbal formulas developed by a knowledgeable professional herbalist can have many actions including: 1. Stimulating cells to release toxins. 2. Absorbing newly released toxins and pulling them out of the body. 3. Protecting cells from damage as stored toxins are released. 4. Softening the experience of cleansing. 5. Pulling old waste out of the Digestive System. 6. Rebalancing intestinal guest.

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Detoxification, Whole Body Cleansing and Elimination

Internal cleansing involves two processes; detoxification and elimination. Some substances that are not toxic just need to leave the body unchanged, like water that is lost directly through expiration, perspiration and urination – that would be cleansing by “elimination” only. Most substances, however, are toxic to the body’s cells and need to undergo a chemical change and/or be grabbed by a non-toxic molecule, made by the body, to safely escort it out of the body – that is detoxification, while the actual traveling out of the body is the elimination part. Therefore “internal cleansing” is synonymous with detoxification and elimination.

A good herbal internal cleansing program will assist and improve the body’s own ability to detoxify and eliminate unwanted toxins and wastes. There are eleven systems of organs and tissues that work together and make up all the structures and functions of the human body. Six, out of eleven systems, which is over 50%, contribute daily to the detoxification of the body. They are the digestive (especially the colon and liver), integumentary (skin, hair, and nails), respiratory, urinary, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

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